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Happy Days CD





Happy Days:

1. Molly Durkin (Listen to the track)
2. Considine’s Grove/ The Gooseberry Bush
3. Santa’s Pub-Crawl/ The Moth in the Lampshade
4. The Flower of the County Down
5. Tim Moloney’s / McDermott’s
6. Jimmy Murphy
7. The Piper’s Chair
8. Eileen Óg or The Pride of Petravore
9. The Girl Who Broke My Heart/ The Jolly Tinker
10. Byrne’s Hornpipe/ Cronin's Hornpipe (Listen to the track)
11. The Irish Rover
12. The Old Triangle
13. The Medley: Jig/ Mick Maguire/ From Dublin to Galway/ The Flowing Tide/ Dillon's Fancy/ Jenny's Wedding/ The Golden Jubilee

TLCD 001 (1997)

Are Here Again





Are Here Again: Buy Album / tracks

1. The Crib of Perches / The Red Haired Lass / Miss Thornton’s (Listen to the track)
2. Abdulla Bulbul Ameer (Listen to the track)
3. The Leitrim Jig / Fasten the Leg in Her / The Morning Lark
4. Hayes’ / Ben Lennon’s Barndances
5. A Drink in the Morning
6. The Crosses of Annagh / Gerry Cronin’s
7. The Flower of Sweet Strabane
8. Siobhan O'Donnell's / Frank's Reel
9. The Jolly old Man / Humours of Derrycrissane
10. The Humours of Donnybrook Fair
11. The Jolly Dishwasher / The Big Secret
12. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
13. Miss Walsh’s / The Geese in the Bog
14. Patsy Fagan
15. The Maid I Never Forgot / Imelda Roland’s

RADIUM Folk 1-04 (2004)